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Multi Compliance Service Offering     Print  

Our Service Offering : Multi Compliance Framework supported by MAVIM

In order to give your Governance over Enterprise IT a boost, or a quickstart, we offer you a combination of
a full Business Operating System, combined with the rich content of COBIT5
(COBIT is the framework for supporting all you initiatives related to Governance, Risk and Compliance).  
We will provide you with the content, structure and relationships as defined in COBIT5, enriched with some practical examples, templates, etc. 

  • For those organisations that are still on COBIT 4.1 or previous we will help you to integrate this into COBIT 5.
  • For those organisations developing improvement programs with COSO, ITIL and ISO27000,
    we will show you how to integrate COBIT5 and map with these popular frameworks which are all complimentary to COBIT5.

With this “quickstart” we offer each organization: 

  • A quick-start solution with embedded all 37 COBIT5 processes,
  • linked to the roles of the RACI tables,
  • including sets of metadata of all possible metrics, connected to all possible BI-Business Operating Systems,
  • based on the IT-related goals and the process specific goals.
  • Mapping of other frameworks above to COBIT5.

On top of all this standard COBIT5-knowledge, we will provide you with:

  • an easy to use Business Operating System (Azure, Cloud, On premise) to manage all of your
    COBIT5 Enablers
  • a practical tool to support the Goals Cascade
  • a set of templates 
  • Assessment tools

You can find a presentation about this tool by clicking on this link

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